A Word with the Publisher: ‘The Observer Online’

By Lisa Pezzolla

In the late eighties my dad’s vision obviously was ahead of his time. Given the many “Observers” across the country, he had the foresight to lock in www.theobserver.com and thereby increase our website traffic.

As the publisher of a community-oriented weekly newspaper, I feel it is my responsibility to give our readers informative local articles and a variety of diverse feature stories.

We have a wide range of material to interest our readers: local news, sports to highlight our young athletes, local entertainment, financial, editorial opinions, and letters from readers that allow you to express your opinions.

In the past, our articles were posted weekly on our web version with full content. This is helpful for readers out of our coverage area but not so much for our print advertisers since this does not help them draw traffic to their businesses.

I am in the newspaper industry but as a weekly we are not competing for breaking news; we are here to report local news close to home, spotlight those who contribute to the community and to help local business prosper.

We are a free newspaper and we depend on our advertisers.

Our new website will be updated regularly on Wednesdays as of 11:59 p.m. Not all the story content that appears in our print edition will be available.  Our print edition continues to be available, either in your local store or by subscription.

Meanwhile, we anticipate resumption of home deliveries shortly on a limited basis.

We will update you in a future issue.