The warning signs are all there

If Monday were not production day at The Observer, I might have just turned around and gone home.
Something was trying to keep me from getting to the office.
First, the Belleville Pike bridge decided to close to cars just as I approached it from the west. (Why, by the way, is it ever closed?  What sort of vessel is coming up the river? The Intrepid?)
From past experience, I knew this would not be a short delay.
So I turned right and tried to wend my way to Washington Ave., Only to encounter red flashing lights and clanging warning bells at a gateless RR crossing on a side street.
I didn’t want to take a risk, so I stopped. And waited. No train. Lights and bells eventually ceased and I headed for Rt. 21-N, exiting at the Lyndhurst Bridge.
My intention was to take Riverside Ave. through Lyndhurst and into North Arlington.
Riverside was closed. Barricaded.
I started up Kingsland Ave.,
Kingsland Ave. was closed. Barricaded.
Finally, and nearly a half-hour late,  I arrived at the paper.
I logged onto my computer, and when I checked my email, this is what I saw:
Messages in Inbox: 666.
See ya next week.  I’m leaving now.
— Karen Zautyk

The Observer Staff