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Holiday Safety Tips
Retired New Jersey State Trooper Captain and former Sheriff of Hudson County Juan M. Perez offers tips to ensure all a happy, healthy and most of all safe holiday season:
Always be aware of your surroundings and other persons when you park your vehicle in a shopping area. If possible, shop with others as there is safety in numbers. Use your trunk to store purchased items and never leave any type of package in your vehicle in view of the windows. When paying for purchases in the store do not display large amounts of currency at the register or other areas.
When approaching an ATM, scan the area to determine if there are any individuals in the vicinity of the machine. If there are persons near the ATM, do not use it. Ensure that the ATM is well lit and secure. Report any suspicious activity immediately to your local police department.
If you reside in a one family home, or if your apartment is located on the first floor street level, do not leave packages or other valuables in view of your windows. Make sure the area around your home is well lit and free of large obstructions that a thief or would-be assailant could hide behind.
In regards to the holiday festivities, never drive with any type of alcohol in your system. Instead, ask a relative or friend who has not consumed alcoholic beverages to drive you home or call for a taxi.

The Observer Staff