Sunday evening on NBC’s Dateline, Natalie Morales had a special featuring teens that had a hidden camera placed in their vehicles, as the parents watched. It was a test to see if the children would make the correct decisions in different situations when driving. The show was the second installment of a four-part series (airing on successive Sundays at 7. p.m.) that I highly recommend parents watch. I felt awful for the parents as the hidden camera followed as their children drove recklessly while talking on the phone and texting. In another segment, the children got into vehicles with a young teen actor pretending to be drunk. Peer pressure plays a big role in the decision making of young teens. Handing the keys of a car over to your child for the first time is a fear many parents have to face. Speaking to your kids, making strong rules, and enforcing those rules are critical. Have an open forum with your child and let them know that they can call with no questions asked and receive a ride home. With proms around the corner, now is the time to enforce rules and to keep your children safe. If you go on to the Dateline website, they have tips to help you create rules for your children. It only takes that one time for a tragedy to occur!