By Lisa Pezzolla

It’s funny how life repeats itself from one generation to the next. As a kid I would hear my parents and grandparents talk about what they did with their friends while growing up to keep busy. My grandmother and her friend would sit around and share stories with us how they met and walked all over the Bronx to take a train to Manhattan. I can hear them talking about how they played stickball and hopscotch, and how they were never bored. Over this past Mother’s Day weekend I had the pleasure to wish my old friend from first grade a Happy 50th. It’s hard to imagine where the time went! We had so much fun recalling childhood memories, how we played “African Safari” in her back yard (her dog played the role of lion) and how we’d play for hours with our model horses. One day we were blasting her older sister’s records and the cops came because we happened to be singing the Country Joe & The Fish“ Vietnam Song,” (it features the “F” word). We didn’t understand what we were even saying. Those were great days! I am sad for the kids growing up now. They’ve been robbed of the freedom to go out and play and to just be kids.

As I approach my big 50 (next month) I am lucky to have shared many years of laughter and realize how much fun we had growing up, and that special bond we have shared in our life.

We’ve all grown up and have gone in different directions. But what we have is hard to find… because all it takes is one phone call and we’ll be right there to help one another. That is true friendship!