4th of July thoughts

The Fourth of July has always been a huge holiday, with millions across the nation enjoying summer weather and barbecues. This year, the big summer holiday has thrown everyone for a loop, falling on a Wednesday.

If there was any indication that many were thrown for a loop with the day of the week the Fourth falls on, many towns celebrated the Fourth of July as early as June 29. Fireworks could be heard going up all over the area throughout the weekend. A week before, I overheard one man say, “Why are they celebrating it so early? It’s not celebrating the Fourth of July if it’s held on June 30.” At that moment, I explained to him that many towns in the area were probably trying to ensure themselves that residents would go out for the multi-million dollar displays if they weren’t held the night before they had to go to work.

Now… I sort of agree with him.

The Fourth of July isn’t like Thanksgiving, where you celebrate it on different calendar days of the year. It’s the Fourth of July and the birthday of America. You wouldn’t tell someone Happy Birthday a week and a half before it occured. If so, can someone please start wishing me a Happy Birthday two months ahead of time?

Regardless of the original subject of this rant, the purpose of the Fourth isn’t to celebrate a day off, it’s a day to celebrate all the freedoms living in this country has given us.

With that in mind, let me wish a Happy Fourth of July from all of us at The Observer to you and your families.

– Anthony J. Machcinski


The Observer Staff