Hydrants will be tested Jan. 13 in North Arlington

Water pressure could be low and it could be discolored when hydrants are tested Jan. 13 in North Arlington.

Water pressure could be low and water could be discolored when hydrants are tested Jan. 13 in North Arlington.

The Passaic Valley Water Commission and borough fire department volunteers will be testing fire hydrants in the borough on Jan. 13 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Work is expected to be completed the same day.

In a message to residents, the PVWC assures all customers that the water will be safe for use during this period, although water pressure may be low and there may be some water discoloration.   Water customers are cautioned to determine that the water is clear before washing clothes.

The hydrant inspections reflect ongoing efforts between borough officials and the water utility to improve the water distribution system, said Council President Al Granell.  The borough reached a negotiated settlement with the PVWC in October in which the utility agreed give the borough $275,000 and help fund fire hydrant inspections.

“I’m pleased to see that the PVWC is living up to its responsibility to inspect and upgrade the borough’s water infrastructure,” said Granell.

The PVWC has made water infrastructure improvements valued at $400,000 at 99 locations in the borough from December 2012 through last October. Those improvements included replacing 53 hydrants and 21 hydrant valves.

Granell said these improvements and hydrant inspections are vital to the quality of life and safety of residents. He noted that in two fires early last year firefighters found that certain hydrants were not working, forcing firefighters to scramble to find a water source to douse the flames.

“We cannot put people’s lives at risk because of failed hydrants, and we want our residents to have the best water quality possible. I think we are finally getting what we want from the PVWC,” said Granell.

Among the hydrants to be inspected are ones located at:

83 Morgan Place,   83 Union Place, 25 Union Place, Union Place and the & Belleville Turnpike, 64 Belleville Turnpike, 42 Melrose Avenue,  159 Prospect Avenue; 38 Ilford Avenue, the

dead end of Church Place, 24 Church Place,  21‐23 Bond Place,  60 Baltimore Avenue, dead end of Pulaski Drive, 52 Pulaski Drive, dead end of Stratford Place, 38 Stratford Place, dead end of Renner Place and 36 Renner Place.

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