KPD blotter: Cars stolen & recovered

At 4 a.m. last Wednesday, March 11, Officer Kevin Arnesman was on patrol when he spotted three cars, two parked illegally and all with their engines running, on Brighton Ave. near Rutland Ave. As the patrol car approached, “all three quickly departed,” KPD Chief John Dowie reported.

Arnesman engaged in a short pursuit, north on Belgrove Drive. He ended it for safety reasons, but not before getting the license plate of one of the vehicles, a ‘99 Volkswagen.

That car turned out to have been stolen, and it was found several hours later by Officer T.J. Hernandez at Dukes and Chestnut Sts.

Later that day, police received a report from a Brighton Ave. resident that his 2002 Jeep Liberty had been stolen. It was recovered in Newark by the Newark PD.

Police believe three individuals were involved and that they had driven to Kearny together with the intention of taking two cars. The investigaton is continuing.

• • •

Other recent reports from the Kearny police blotter included the following:

 March 1 

Officer Peter Jahera responded to a Passaic Ave. business at 7 p.m. on a report from a female employee that she had been threatened with a knife by a co-worker. Det. Michael Gonzalez conducted the follow-up investigation and developed as a suspect Savannah Santiago, 25, of Kearny, who was arrested at her home March 12. She was charged with aggravated assault, possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for illegal purposes.

March 7 

Officers Jordenson Jean and Frank West arrested Quianah Arrington, 26, of Newark, on a charge of disorderly conduct in connection with a 9:30 a.m. dispute in the parking lot at Kmart. Police said she also had intentionally knocked over a display in a nearby dollar store.

March 10 

At 4 p.m., detectives were conducting an ABC inspection at a tavern on the 300 block of Kearny Ave. when they detected the “pungent odor of pot” emanating from a trio of individuals standing outside the rear door. They took into custody Roderick Macdonald, 54, of Kearny, who allegedly was holding a hand-rolled cigarette. He was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and on a $250 outstanding Kearny warrant.

• • •

Officer Jay Ward responded to Walmart at 7:30 p.m. on the report of three women attempting to abscond with more than $1,000 worth of clothing and baby products. The suspects — Laika Abincha, 35, Trunell Stubbs, 19, and Kershaere Stubbs, 22, all of Newark — were charged with shoplifting and conspiracy.

March 11 

Officers Ward and Malinda Esposito were called to Kmart at 8 p.m. and arrested Newark residents Marques Speed, 28, and Carthell Speed, 32, on shoplifting charges for allegedly attempting to steal two sets of headphones from the store. In a search incident to arrest, Marques was reportedly found to be in possession of methamphetamine and was also charged with that offense. Police said Carthell was found to have four outstanding warrants, including three from Newark: a $5,000 warrant for assault; a $2,500 one for criminal mischief, and a $200 one for trespass. Irvington wanted him on a $98 warrant for being an unlicensed driver.

– Karen Zautyk 

The Observer Staff