How Kearny defines ‘full-time’

Here is a draft of the proposed ordinance that laid out a defense of categorization of Kearny’s elected officials as full-time employees:

“The Mayor and each member of the [Town] Council are … declared to be full-time elective officers … inasmuch as [they]

• routinely attend the  meetings of the governing body,

• prepare for each meeting by reviewing all matters on the agenda which is distributed to them on the weekend before the meeting,

• serve as chairperson of  at least one of the following committees: Ordinance, Finance, Police, Fire, Water, Buildings, Licenses, Transportation, Lighting, Human Resources and Senior Citizens, Legislative, Beautification, Recreation and Insurance,

• serve also as Council  Liaison to or member of, an agency, board or entity such as the following: the Board of Health, the Industrial Commission, the United Veterans Organization, the Library, the Museum, the Civil Rights Commission, the Board of Education, the Municipal Court, the Municipal Utilities Authority, the Emergency Squad, the Development Commission, Planning Board;

• they also serve as  representatives of the Town of Kearny on other governmental bodies or non-profit organizations such as Hackensack Meadowlands Municipal Committee, Kearny Economic Zone Development Corp., Municipal Alliance, North Hudson Community Action Corp. and North Hudson Council of Mayors;

• also regularly respond  to the needs of their constituents which may arise at all hours of the day or night and usually require follow-up and supervision with one of the town professionals that may require meetings over days, weeks and sometimes even months;

• and, by virtue of their  office, also customarily attend civil, ceremonial and recreational events such as parades, dedications [and] commemorations over the course of a year and various celebrations in the community, averaging more than 35 hours per week.

Notwithstanding the foregoing declaration …, the remuneration received by the Mayor and each member of the Council for their services as provided under N.J.S.A. 52:14-17.26 remains unchanged by this ordinance.”

Ron Leir | Observer Correspondent

Ron Leir has been a newspaperman since the late ’60s, starting his career with The Jersey Journal, having served as a summer reporter during college. He became a full-time scribe in February 1972, working mostly as a general assignment reporter in all areas except sports, including a 3-year stint as an assistant editor for entertainment, features, religion, etc. He retired from the JJ in May 2009 and came to The Observer shortly thereafter. He is also a part-time actor, mostly on stage, having worked most recently with the Kearny-based W.H.A.T. Co. and plays Sunday softball in Central Park, N.Y.