Letter: Davis Ave. toughed out the snow

To the Editor:

The Friday before the snowstorm of January 2016, the Davis Ave. residents received phone calls that told them to remove their cars from which almost all resulted in cars not parked. This stayed in effect for seven days for all who did respond by moving their cars. Others that did not were snowed in but were able to dig out within the next few days.

After calling the Kearny Street Department several times and not getting either an answer or a recording that first Kearny Ave., from Johnston Ave. to Bergen Ave., will be first. Then Bergen Ave. to the Pike would be next on Kearny Ave. The last was Elm St. from the Pike to Midland Ave.

Phone message from that point was there would no further snow removal. The reason was that the weather was going to get warmer and plowing was not going to happen.

I next called Mayor Santos’ office several times and on Saturday, Jan. 30, was told that snow would be removed from Davis Ave. curb to curb from West Hudson Park to Midland Ave., which is what is usually expected.

The snow removal that day was completed. That day, the results were not only efficient and ran smoothly but the snow was no longer a problem. It was good to be able to not only dig out cars but now be able to park on the street on which we reside.

Cora L Brown

The Observer Staff