Drug bust in Walmart lot


Kearny Vice Unit detectives, on patrol in the Walmart parking lot at 9:15 p.m. on Aug. 21, noticed a 2010 Acura, occupied by two people, sitting in a remote area of the property. After keeping it under surveillance for a time, they approached the car on foot, and, when the driver opened the door, were struck by, not just a whiff, but an “overpowering odor of marijuana,” police said.

With back-up Officers Jose Castillo and Esteban Gonzalez, the detectives identified themselves as police and reportedly recovered from the vehicle two knotted bags of suspected pot and two bags of suspected cocaine.

In a search incident to arrest, driver Jeferson [that’s how he spells it] Marte-Peralta, 25, of West New York, was found to be in possession of $1,554 in cash, police said. Also arrested was the passenger, Camilo Jimenez, 26, of North Bergen.

Despite having removed drugs from the car, police said it still reeked of pot and Marte-Peralta denied permission for a further search of the vehicle — so it was impounded and secured until a warrant could be obtained. The Acura and the arrestees were brought to KPD headquarters, where both driver and passenger were charged with possession of pot, of cocaine and of drug paraphernalia.

The next morning, Hudson County Superior Court Judge Mark Nelson authorized the search warrant, which reportedly produced from the car an additional 124 grams of marijuana, a bag of suspected Percocet pills, a suspected drug-cutting agent and another $350 in currency.

The KPD is going to request forfeiture of all the confiscated money and the Acura.

[Your correspondent would like to request that the KPD allow Marte-Peralta to keep enough of the money to buy a second “f” for his first name.] 

— Karen Zautyk




Karen Zautyk | Observer Correspondent