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One dead in Lyndhurst shooting


The state Attorney General’s Shooting Response Team is investigating a fatal shooting of the driver of a stolen SUV at the Lyndhurst-Rutherford border early Tuesday, Sept. 16, according to a press release issued by the AG’s Office.

The driver, identified as Kashad Ashford, 23, of Newark, was shot by police shortly before 2:30 a.m. after a pursuit and a passenger in the vehicle, listed as Jemmaine T. Bynes, 30, of East Orange, was arrested.

The AG’s Office said the two men, who reportedly had a weapon inside the vehicle, were being chased in connection with their alleged efforts to steal or break into vehicles. Read more »

DNA, the KPD & the NYPD


Back in April, Kearny police apprehended a Bayonne man for allegedly engaging in a “lewd and lacivious act” — on two separate occasions — in Walmart.

David Harper, 35, had reportedly been pleasuring himself, in close proximity to female shoppers. Police said he had fled the store after the initial offense, but when he returned about three weeks later, the KPD located him on the premises and arrested him.

Harper was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct.

The police also obtained a DNA swab from the suspect and entered the information in the national DNA database.

Last week, New York City police advised the Kearny Detective Bureau that, thanks to that DNA sample, the NYPD had developed Harper as a suspect in two sexual assaults in the city.

KPD Chief John Dowie said inquiries revealed that Harper had “an extensive record of arrests and convictions” in N.Y.C. before he moved to New Jersey. The charges included larceny, possession of stolen property, criminal impersonation, resisting arrest, and possession of a firearm, Dowie reported.

– Karen Zautyk 

KPD: Drug bust near middle school

A North Arlington man, found slumped inside a car in the vicinity of Lincoln School, was arrested last week on drug charges after he was found to be in possession of 14 folds of suspected heroin, Kearny police reported.

KPD Chief John Dowie said Officer Jack Corbett, patrolling near Midland and Kearny Aves., observed Darryl Sarra, 33, asleep in a parked Kia at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9. The car was running and its lights were on.

Corbett shut off the engine and removed the keys before rousing Sarra, who reportedly “immediately fell back asleep.” The officer summoned an ambulance and, while awaiting its arrival, noticed a small wax fold on the driver’s lap, Dowie said. A seach incident to Sarra’s subsequent arrest produced 13 additional folds, the chief noted.

Sarra was transported for treatment to Clara Maass Medical Center, where blood and urine samples were taken for evidentiary purposes.

He has been charged with: possession of heroin with intent to distribute, intent to distribute within a school zone, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while suspended, driving under the influence and possession of CDS in a motor vehicle.

Police said he also had an outstanding North Arlington warrant.


Other recent reports from the Kearny police blotter included the following:

Sept. 5 

At 10 a.m., Officers Jack Grimm and T.J. Hernandez were dispatched to a South Kearny business, which had reported the misuse of a company credit card by a former employee. They detained Ricardo Barnes, 35, of Queens, N.Y., and a warrant check indicated he had four: two from Ringwood and one each from Maplewood and Millburn, police said. After he was arrested on those, Woodland Park police advised the KPD that complaints had been filed against him for creditcard misuse in that borough, and he was turned over to their custody.


Officer Daniel Esteves, on patrol at Devon and Dukes Sts. at 2:15 p.m., saw a man acting suspiciously near a parked car, police said. The officer conducted a street interview, did a warrant check and arrested Alexis Perez, 32, of Newark, on a warrant out of East Orange.


At Columbia Ave. and Beech St. at 9:30 p.m., Officer John Fabula witnessed a BMW travelling at high speed and passing to the right of other vehicles, police said. Stopping the car at N. Midland Ave. and Alpine Place, he found that the driver, Carlos Monterroso, 30, of Belleville, had a suspended license.

Monterroso was charged with that offense, careless driving and failure to obey a traffic signal.

Sept. 6 

Officer Christopher Levchak, responding to a two-car accident at Bergen Ave. and Devon St. at 8:30 p.m., reportedly detected the odor of alcohol on one driver. After conducting field sobriety tests, he arrested Marisa Rodriguez, 51, of Newark, who was taken to HQ for an Alcotest and issued a summons for DWI.

Sept. 7 

At 1 a.m., Officer Chris Medina arrested Marcos Mendez, 36, of Kearny, at a Howell Place residence on a harassment warrant issued by Kearny. Mendez was also reportedly found to be in possession of two hypodermic needles and was charged with that offense.


At 3:45 a.m., Officer Derek Hemphill witnessed a Honda speeding north on Kearny Ave. at Linden Ave. As he followed the car, it reportedly ran two red lights, made a U-turn on Seeley Ave. and pulled into a driveway. Police said the motorist, Angel Henriquez- Dilone, 20, of Kearny, admitted he did not live at that address. So why did he enter that driveway? Police said his response was, “Because I knew you were chasing me.”

Back-up Officer Medina conducted FSTs on the apparently intoxicated man, who was then taken to HQ and given an Alcotest. Henriquez- Dilone was charged criminally with eluding police and received summonses for DWI, reckless driving and disregarding traffic signals.

Sept. 10 

Michael Voss, 46, of Kearny, whom Vice detectives had under surveillance, was seen exiting a bus in Kearny at 8:15 p.m. and was found to be in possession of nine folds of “Bread & Butter” heroin, police said. He was charged with possession of the drug and drug paraphernalia.

– Karen Zautyk 

News from the Nutley police blotter

Aside from 37 traffic investigations and 52 medical calls, the Nutley Police Department also responded to these incidents during the past week:

Sept. 6 

Police found an intoxicated man on the ground in front of a Franklin Ave. fast food establishment. Police said the man was responsive but could not walk and was taken by ambulance to Clara Maass Medical Center for evaluation.

Sept. 7 

Someone swiped a boy’s bicycle from a backyard on Roma St. The bike was described as a dark blue 20-inch GT Performer BMX style, valued at about $300.

Sept. 8 

The owner of a truck towed from a local church parking lot told police that the vehicle was damaged during its transport on a flatbed to a residence in Somerset. Checking the vehicle after the tow, the owner said its bed cover was missing, it had several dents and scratches to the roof, front bumper and driver’s side of the vehicle. The tow driver told police the damage likely occurred after the vehicle was delivered.

Sept. 9 

Police said a counterfeit bill was passed at a Franklin Ave. eatery. The owner told police a man ordered a milkshake and tried to pay for it with a fake $100 bill. The owner told the patron he was going to get change but went to an office to call police. When he returned, the milkshake was left on the counter but the man was gone. Police said the man was described as African- American, 5-feet-seven, 170 pounds, with short black hair, wearing a hooded striped polo sweater, light blue jeans and sneakers. Twice before in the past two months, the same individual had used $250 in counterfeit bills, the owner told police. Police confirmed the $100 bill was fake.


Having been alerted to a burglary on Grant Ave., officers were patrolling in the area of Grant and Washington Aves. when they were waved down by a passerby who told them a “suspicious” man was at Grant and River Road. When police arrived there, they said they found a man matching descriptions given by the passerby and from a witness to the prior burglary walking on River Road. After learning that the individual was wanted on warrants from Harrison, Belleville, Montville and Rutherford, police arrested Raymond Adames, 50, of Newark, who, they said, had a screwdriver on him. After he couldn’t post bail, Adames was turned over to Harrison PD.


The owner of a vehicle parked on River Road reported that after having come out of work and entering their vehicle, noticed that the glove box and center console had been opened with the contents dumped on the passenger seat and floor.

Sept. 10 

A Bloomfield Ave. business owner reported getting a bad check for about $125. The owner reached out to the check payer who reportedly assured the owner they’d return with the money but never did, police said. Police tried to locate the individual without success.

Sept. 11 

Police said a motor vehicle investigation resulted in the arrest of Martin Lucas, 48, of Newark, on a charge of possession of a white rocky substance believed to be crack cocaine. During a search of Lucas at HQ , police said they found a partly-smoked cigar that smelled of burnt marijuana and which, upon a closer look, was found to be filled with a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. After both substances tested positive for crack cocaine and marijuana, police charged Lucas with possession of marijuana, possession of crack cocaine and one count of drug distribution. Lucas also had five outstanding traffic warrants from Nutley and East Orange. He was placed in Essex County Jail after failing to post bail of $25,000 with a 10% cash option.


A Pauline Drive resident reported someone stole her daughter’s bicycle from the side of the house. It was listed as a ladies’ pink, 10-speed Schwinn bike valued at about $200. The resident told police they saw a late 1990s model black Toyota Pathfinder pulling away from the house with a man and woman, possibly Ecuadorian or Peruvian, inside.

Sept. 12 

Police responded to a Park Ave. location on a report of an attempted theft. The resident told police that after hearing their dog begin barking loudly, they went to the window and saw a light-skinned male, possibly Latino, wearing a black hoodie type shirt and blue shorts, at the rear of the building near a bicycle parking area, remove the resident’s bike and begin walking toward Park Ave. with it. The victim went outside and found the intruder trying to get the tire lock off the bike. After the resident yelled at him, the stranger dropped the bike and ran to a waiting truck described as a newer style black Ford F-150 with two people inside which drove off. Police couldn’t locate the truck or the occupants.

– Ron Leir 

A bridge too hot


By Karen Zautyk 

Observer Correspondent 


If it’s true that bad things happen in threes, then Kearny’s bridges should be safe from fires for awhile. That is, at least the bridges in South Kearny.

Last week, a blaze on the PATH span over the Hackensack River required an all-hands response by the Kearny Fire Department and forced suspension of train service between Newark and Journal Square.

It was the third bridge fire in South Kearny in less than a month.

Kearny Fire Chief Steve Dyl said the alarm was called in at 2:57 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 2, and the blaze was out by 5:29 p.m. But during those hours, all KFD companies responded to the scene, where they were assisted by the Jersey City FD fireboat. Kearny’s boat, which had been vital in quenching an August fire at the Pulaski Skyway, was down for maintenance, the chief explained.

The cause of the PATH fire was believed to have been electrical. Dyl said railroad ties, supports and a signal box were burnt.

As luck would have it, after a mild summer, Sept. 2 brought temperatures in the 90s, but the none of the firefighters required treatment for heat exhaustion, Dyl said. Neither were there any injuries.

PATH service, suspended for several hours, resumed at about 6 p.m., but there were residual delays well into the evening. T

here were also major vehicular traffic delays, primarily due to Fish House Road’s being closed until 7 p.m.

While the KFD was battling the blaze, the Jersey City Fire Department covered South Kearny, and North Arlington and Harrison covered the rest of the town.

On Aug. 15, sparks from a welder’s torch being used in the Pulaski Skyway rehab project apparently ignited wooden support-column fenders under a portion of the highway over the Hackensack.

Billows of smoke from the 1:05 p.m. blaze were visible for miles, but damage was reportedly limited to the fenders, which protect the support columns from boat traffic on the river.

Instrumental in fighting those flames was the KFD’s boat, Marine 3, which received its baptism by fire. On this, its maiden fire call, the Kearny boat was the first to arrive at the scene, and its seven-man crew proceeded to pump about 1,250 gallons of water per minute on the blaze until it was declared under control about an hour later.

Also responding were boats from the Newark FD and the N.J. State Police.

“The only way we could’ve fought this fire was from the water,” KFD Deputy Chief Joseph Viscuso told Observer correspondent Ron Leir. “You couldn’t do it from the land.”

On Aug. 4, the 98-yearold Portal Bridge over the Hackensack caught fire, disrupting Amtrak and N.J. Transit service for hours. When the trains began running again, they reportedly were forced to 5 mph crawl over the span. The cause of that fire is undetermined, but it was believed to be electrical.

Dyl said that Amtrak is investigating.

KPD: The thin & thick of it

A man described as a known shoplifter” called attention to himself last week when he went into a local Radio Shack carrying a slender backpack and emerged with a chubby one, Kearny police reported.

Chief John Dowie said Det. Michael Gonzalez was on patrol in an unmarked car on Passaic Ave. on Sept. 1 when, at 2:15 p.m., he recognized Leroy Holmes, 43, of Newark, whom he saw enter and leave several stores without apparently making any purchases. Then Holmes visited the electronics store, and his backpack no longer appeared empty, police said. Gonzalez stopped the suspect and advised him of his observations. From the backpack, Holmes, who allegedly identified himself as “Eric Mendoza,” produced two sets of headphones, but no receipts, police said.

After it was confirmed that the merchandise belonged to Radio Shack, police said, Holmes was charged with shoplifting and hindering apprehension.

Other recent reports from the Kearny police blotter included the following:

 Aug. 29 

Det. Gonzalez was on assignment on Harrison Ave. at 1 a.m. when he stopped a car for a lighting violation and found that the driver had a suspended license.

Donnell McAllister, 29, of Jersey City was arrested for that offense.

Aug. 31 

Officer Jordenson Jean responded to a 2:15 a.m. collision at the Belleville Pike and Schuyler Ave. between an SUV and a Mercedes. After conducting field sobriety tests, he arrested Susana Erazo, 23, of West New York, the driver of the latter vehicle, on a DWI charge. She was also charged with failure to take an Alcotest, careless driving and failure to maintain a lane. Police said Erazo was not injured and the SUV driver refused medical attention.

Just 10 minutes later, at 2:25, Lt. Anthony Gouveia witnessed a Ford Explorer nearly hit a parked car in the area of Bergen and Highland Aves., turn onto Maple St., and almost hit another, police said. With Officer Ben Wuelfing as back-up, Gouveia stopped the SUV and questioned the driver, Electerio Videz, 58, of Kearny, who allegedly became uncooperative when asked to perform FSTs. Videz was subsequently charged with DWI, driving with a suspended license and refusing to take an Alcotest.

Sept. 2 

At 2 p.m., Officer Jean responded to Walmart after store security reported that a man, carrying some sort of blade, was opening packages and concealing items. Police said Jean approached suspect Valentino Rogers, 27, of Newark, and found him to be in possession of a box-cutter, a cell phone and two Bluetooths. (Blueteeth?) Rogers was charged with shoplifting, possession of burglar tools and on an outstanding Irvington warrant — for shoplifting.

Officer Brian Wisely responded to a 6 p.m. report of a woman screaming on the 500 block of Forest St. and found her to be involved in a verbal altercation with Danny Vincente, 26, of Kearny. As Wisely tried to mediate, Vincente entered a motor vehicle and sped away, police said.

The officer intercepted him on Brighton Ave. and asked for his driving credentials, but Vincente reportedly ignored him and tried to enter a dwelling. He was again stopped, but continued to be uncooperative, police said.

When advised by back-up Officer John Fabula that he was under arrest for failure to comply, he resisted being cuffed, scratched Wisely and had to be wrestled to the ground and forcibly placed in the patrol car, police said. Vincente was charged with obstruction, aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, along with being issued several MV violations.

Sept. 3 

Officer Fabula, answering a 4:45 p.m. call about a large, disabled truck at Schuyler and Bergen Aves., arrived to find a 2000 Kenworth (check Google Images) blocking the intersection. Police said the behemoth was found to have been unregistered since January 2013, and the driver, Ronald Smith, 63, of Willingboro, to have a suspended license. He was charged with that offense, and the truck was towed from the scene.

At 8:45 p.m., Officer Daniel Esteves arrested 27-yearold Stephanie Dealmeida of Kearny on three outstanding Kearny warrants. After transporting her to headquarters, he searched his patrol car and found that she had apparently discarded marijuana in the back seat. Along with the warrants, she was charged with possession of the drug and drug paraphernalia.

Sept. 4 

At 11 a.m., Officer Jack Grimm, on patrol near the Harrison Ave./Belleville Pike viaduct, found a disabled Honda operated by Shamar Johnson, 21, of East Orange. Checking his mobile computer, Grimm found that the car’s registration was expired and that Johnson’s license was suspended. Further inquiries revealed an outstanding East Orange warrant for the driver, who was arrested and taken to HQ. The Honda was impounded.

At 10:30 p.m., relative to an ongoing prostitution investigation, Vice Squad detectives arrested Adora (a/k/a Tiffany) Sparks, 25, of New York City after she allegedly solicited one of the officers. A search found her to be in possession of more than $500 in cash, presumed to be the proceeds of prostitution, said $500 to be forfeited to the prosecutor’s office.

Sept. 5 

Officer Wuelfing, patrolling at Kearny Ave. and Duke St. at 2:30 a.m., found a Mazda, parked but running, with the driver asleep behind the wheel. After Wuelfing managed to awaken him, the man reportedly tried to drive away, but this was futile since his emergency brake was on. The driver then stumbled out of the car, police said, and when asked for his license, began to unzip his pants.

Wuelfing asked that he cease and desist, and he complied. But Marshall King, 25, of Hillside, was still charged with DWI and DWI in a school zone.

–Karen Zautyk

Chase ends in 5-car crash

A police chase of a suspect from Newark ended with a multi-car crash at the Nutley exit of Rt. 21 North that led to the temporary shutdown of the De Jessa Memorial Bridge and lengthy commuter tie-ups last Friday.

Nutley police responded to Park Ave., at 11:54 a.m., on the heels of a radio broadcast from Newark PD that they were in pursuit of a maroon pickup truck traveling north on Rt. 21.

Newark PD terminated the chase prior to entering Nutley but police said the pickup, driven by Clarence Bowie, 49, of Newark, continued driving at high speeds and ended up crashing into four vehicles stopped at the highway exit ramp in Nutley.

Newark PD took custody of Bowie prior to transporting him and his female passenger to University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) in Newark for treatment of their injuries.

Bowie was charged by Nutley PD with aggravated assault, four counts of assault by auto, four counts of causing injury while operating a vehicle with a revoked or suspended license and with nine motor vehicle violations: driving while N.J. privileges are suspended, reckless driving, unlicensed driver, unsafe vehicle, bald passenger front tire, loaded as to spill, no visible passenger tail lamp lens or housing on vehicle, unclear plates and operating uninsured vehicle. Nutley Police Sgt. Anthony Montanari said the bridge remained closed to vehicular traffic until nearly 2 p.m. “It was a real mess,” he said.

At press time, it couldn’t be readily learned why Bowie was being pursued by Newark PD.

Among other goings-on logged by Nutley PD during the past week were these incidents:

Aug. 30 

A Walnut St. resident returning home reported finding a bag of empty beer cans left at the curb in front of their house. The resident told police this was a repetition of a similar incident that happened about two months ago.

Aug. 31 

Investigating a property damage report on Washington Ave., police said they were told by a female visiting a friend that they’d decided to “bedazzle” a resident’s vehicle by applying spray paint. Police observed several cans of spray paint on the blacktop and, after being advised they couldn’t leave the items on private property, the female removed the paint from the vehicle with a brush and nail polish remover and left the area.

A Franklin Ave. resident reported that a tree had fallen from an adjacent property, damaging a Dumpster.

Sept. 1 

A large tree branch fell on a River Road property, damaging the rear end of a resident’s 2013 Toyota. Officers removed the branch from the vehicle.

Someone stole a bicycle parked outside a Franklin Ave. business. The bike’s owner told police they were inside the store for five minutes and when they came out, the bike was gone. It was described as a custom-built Subrosa Villicus with a gray frame, green splatter pattern and purple handlebars, valued at more than $1,500.

Sept. 2 

Three incidents involving tree branches that fell from township-owned properties were reported. One large branch fell on a Nutley Ave. resident’s 2007 Toyota, damaging the rear hatch; another large branch from an unhealthy township tree was found lying in a Howard Place driveway where only last week, a grill and tables had been set up for a block party; and a large limb from a town tree on Race St. fell on a resident’s parked vehicle, scratching the front hood, roof and both sides of the vehicle, police said.

Searching for someone who’d been injured, officers discovered a broken glass storm door at the main entrance to an Essex St. residence. Police said they located the injured party checking into an area hospital for treatment. Police said he was hurt punching a window during a domestic incident for which charges are pending.

Sept. 3 

A River Road tenant told police they’d gone home to return some equipment and found the rear door kicked in but a search of the interior indicated that nothing appeared to be missing.

 Sept. 4 

A tree on county property fell, blocking Park Way, and landed atop a vehicle causing extensive damage. The Essex County Sheriff’s Department arranged to remove the limb.

Sept. 5 

A Lloyd St. resident reported that the passenger side mirror had been knocked off their parked vehicle.

Someone caused $1,200 in damage to a Washington Ave. business ATM and removed an unknown amount of money, the business owner told police. Detectives are investigating

– Ron Leir 

Nutley police arrest suspicious man who had warrants


During the past week, the Nutley Police Department responded to 120 calls for service, including 14 motor vehicle crashes and 38 medical calls. Among those responses were these incidents:

Aug. 23

Officers on patrol came across a man walking north on Franklin Ave. who fit a description broadcast by detectives of someone who had committed acts of criminal mischief on Aug. 15 on Franklin. The suspect was described as an African-American man with dreadlocks. Officers interviewed the man, identified as Earnest Bradley, 33, of Newark, and learned he was wanted on a warrant from the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office. He was later turned over to that agency for processing. Read more »

Kearny man collared in Lyndhurst home invasion



A suspect in a home invasion incident in Lyndhurst has been placed under arrest, according to the Lyndhurst Police Department.

Evanalain Sieberkrob-Hershman, 24, of Kearny, has been charged in connection with the incident, which happened Friday, Aug. 29, at a Bogle Drive residence.

Police said they responded to the location, at about 4:45 p.m., on a report of a robbery and assault.

Police said an unknown man had entered the house through an unlocked rear door, grabbed a 74-year-old woman who lives there and demanded money. At that point, police said, the woman’s husband, also 74, entered the kitchen and tried to intervene but was struck in the head by the intruder. Read more »

UPDATE: Missing Nutley woman found safely in Newark


Nutley Police have located Juilia Dellaguzzo, the 85-year-old missing woman who wandered off  yesterday.

Police say it appears she walked several miles south into Newark, and was found sitting inside a parked vehicle near her childhood home.

She appears to be in good condition, and is being treated to dinner by her family, police say.

The Nutley Police Department wishes to express thanks to all our media and publication partners for getting the word out so quickly.