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A few professional gripes

Today’s column is about journalists.
Writing about your peers is always a risky business, because they can turn around and return fire, and each of us is a viable target. Me particularly. I have made more than my share of professional errors, and will likely make more.
But that does not deprive me of my right to gripe. And, currently there are three things in particular about which griping is necessary.
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We’ve Got Mail

To the Publisher:
I write regarding your May 25 article concerning the charges against Rev. James J. Reilly, former pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows.
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Remembering Our Vets

This weekend we will share in the festivities of Memorial Day, it also marks the beginning of summer.  It’s a sacred day to all war veterans; time to honor those Americans who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  While the holiday is a three-day weekend for many workers throughout the country, it should be a time for remembrance and not taking liberties.

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‘Fold him in his Country’s stars’

Elsewhere in this week’s paper, there is a tragic story of a Civil War veteran and a long-ago link to Kearny. As I noted, I learned about it quite by accident while surfing the Net.
That same day, also while searching for something else entirely, I found a Civil War poem I had never read before. Perhaps some Observer readers already know of it, but it caught me by surprise.
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