The Radiology Center’s open MRI keeps patients free from claustrophobia

  LYNDHURST —  Your GP gives you the dreaded news: You’re going to need an MRI. Instantly, fear sets in. The thought of being inside that machine, with that intolerable pounding noise — and the close quarters — is enough to drive anyone who is claustrophobic mad. But at The… Continue Reading

Kearny Bank hosts business program

In an informal talk to business leaders at Kearny Bank headquarters in Fairfield. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Bracken touted two initiatives designed to boost New Jersey’s economy: funding the state’s Transportation Trust Fund and eliminating or greatly reducing the individual estate tax. “We need to find a permanent, long-term, dedicated funding… Continue Reading

Belleville’s hidden gem: Me and Tommy’s Restaurant

BELLEVILLE –  Because of its remote location, people told Ernesto Sicari back in October 2011 that his new restaurant, Me and Tommy’s, would probably last about six months. It was being built in a 100-plus-yearold former train depot that had most recently been home to an unsuccessful Filipino restaurant. But,… Continue Reading