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You mean there’s a treatment for stupid?

At press time (the story changes hourly), latest news in the Anthony Weiner saga was that the New York congressman was taking a leave of absence to “go into treatment.”
For what?  It appears that the man’s primary problem is abject stupidity.
What individual in his position sends borderline (or more precisely below the border) porn shots and sext messages to complete strangers over the Internet –and presumes that no one is going to find out?
Absolutely nothing on the Net is secret. Someone can always find some way to get whatever info they want. And, as we have oft been told, cyberspace is forever. Nothing, once sent into it, ever completely disappears.
After word of the first photos surfaced, Weiner stood in front of the press and denied, denied, denied. Along with insulting certain members of the media. The arrogance was adolescent.
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We’ve Got Mail

To the Publisher:
I’m writing in to try and understand the use of the “yield to pedestrian” signs that Kearny has placed on Kearny Ave., since no one pays them any heed.
Unfortunately in March, I was struck by a car on the corner of Liberty and Kearny Ave. while crossing in the crosswalk and a few weeks after that, from what I’ve heard, a meter reader was also struck out by the public library. Soon after the yield to pedestrian signs went up on non-traffic light corners. Now that’s all well and good but what’s the point if no one pays them any mind?
A month and a half ago I was crossing Kearny Ave. on the corner of Bergen Ave. when another vehicle making a left turn almost plowed into me again cause they’re not paying attention to pedestrians. Two weeks ago on the same corner of Liberty and Kearny Avenue a car full of young women also almost ran into me as I was crossing the street.
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News reports from around the globe

Photo courtesy Sussex Police

While local news stations were busy reporting on Anthony Weiner’s weiner (how can you NOT know if a crotch shot is of YOUR crotch?) and Gov. Christie’s Coptergate, other intriguing things were happening in the world. For instance:
Police in Hampshire, England, were alerted to reports of an “escaped tiger” – a white tiger, at that – lounging in the grass at a golf course.
The cops evacuated the course and a nearby cricket ground and scrambled a helicopter, snipers and exotic-animal specialists.  The truth was discovered when a thermal-imaging camera in a copter failed to register any heat from the beast’s body. It turned out to be a stuffed toy.
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We’ve Got Mail

To the Publisher:
We just wanted to thank “Darryl” (who informed us that he is a Kearny resident).
We were three stranded ladies on the Parkway on Memorial Day staring in amazement at our tires, which had picked up at least an inch and a half of tar from our brief stop at a rest area.
Darryl stopped, and his entire family, including his “pooch,” waited in his car as he assisted us. Darryl changed our tire and would not accept a small token of our appreciation. We wanted to take his family out to dinner.
We want to say thank you again, and please, if anyone knows who Darryl is, please make sure he sees this and let him know that his act of kindness has not gone unnoticed!!

Debbie Rodriguez, Teena Rae & Tracy Silcox

A few professional gripes

Today’s column is about journalists.
Writing about your peers is always a risky business, because they can turn around and return fire, and each of us is a viable target. Me particularly. I have made more than my share of professional errors, and will likely make more.
But that does not deprive me of my right to gripe. And, currently there are three things in particular about which griping is necessary.
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We’ve Got Mail

To the Publisher:
I write regarding your May 25 article concerning the charges against Rev. James J. Reilly, former pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows.
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Remembering Our Vets

This weekend we will share in the festivities of Memorial Day, it also marks the beginning of summer.  It’s a sacred day to all war veterans; time to honor those Americans who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  While the holiday is a three-day weekend for many workers throughout the country, it should be a time for remembrance and not taking liberties.

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‘Fold him in his Country’s stars’

Elsewhere in this week’s paper, there is a tragic story of a Civil War veteran and a long-ago link to Kearny. As I noted, I learned about it quite by accident while surfing the Net.
That same day, also while searching for something else entirely, I found a Civil War poem I had never read before. Perhaps some Observer readers already know of it, but it caught me by surprise.
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