Campaign’s over: you can breathe easy new (or can you)?

By the time you’re reading this, Election Day 2016 will either be in full-swing – or it’ll be completely over. And for any of you who followed this election process for the last 1 ½ years, if that’s not a welcome notion, I’m not sure what would or could be. But I’m not going to write about the election – all that is to be said has been said, hopefully. Unless, of course, there’s a 2000-like recount – but you can get that news anywhere else if it happens. Continue Reading

Need a laugh? Look up a Down East PD page                                              

By Karen Zautyk The population of the city of Bangor, Maine, is 33,039.  At last count, the Bangor Police Department’s Facebook page had 177,277 followers. For this, you can thank Sgt. Tim Cotton, an apparently modest and self-effacing man who nevertheless has managed… Continue Reading