Free long-term care seminars at Job Haines

Job Haines Home, 250 Bloomfield Ave., Bloomfield, is offering three free educational seminars that will cover what is involved with planning for long-term care. Recent studies indicate that people are living longer and as a result, healthcare for the aging population is a special concern. Larger numbers of the aging population will require special… Continue Reading

They are appreciated

KEARNY –  Kearny’s newest police recruits, with tutelage by veteran cops, are undertaking patrol duties on local streets after having successfully completed their Police Academy training and taken the oath of office at last Tuesday’s meeting of the town’s governing body. The 13 rookies are: Officers Jose Castillo, Alan Stickno, John Donovan,… Continue Reading

Esposito quits as manager to prep for reval as assessor

BELLEVILLE –  An order by the Essex County Board of Taxation to Belleville to conduct a municipal-wide revaluation has triggered the resignation of Kevin Esposito as interim township manager and his replacement by Nutley Township Commissioner Mauro Tucci. At last Tuesday’s meeting of the Belleville governing body, Esposito — who has been… Continue Reading

He’s a star in T-Bone’s universe

HARRISON –  Inside children’s book author Lisa Funari-Willever’s latest book, “T-Bone Takes A Stand for Public Schools,” part of the Nicky Fifth Series, kids from Harrison’s Hamilton School will find a familiar name. Right there, on page 143, T-Bone and other characters are talking about David Dias, one of their… Continue Reading

Despite mishap, water still ‘safe to drink’: DEP

BELLEVILLE –  Belleville residents may have been wondering about a certain notice “about your drinking water” posted on the township website on Jan. 8. It advised that, “Our water system violated drinking water requirements over the past year,” but sought to ease fears by adding “these were not emergencies.” And,… Continue Reading

Bostonian may have stolen Nutley resident’s credit card information: NPD

A Nutley resident’s credit card was used to make several purchases in Massachusetts, including at a Target just outside Boston’s Fenway Park, the Nutley Police Department said. At the Fenway Target, one purchase was made for $1,665; at another Target in Massachusetts, four purchases were made totaling $3,657; at a Family… Continue Reading

‘Perfecting’ her craft in the movies

A native North Arlington daughter hopes to make an impact in the movie industry with the premiere of “Little Miss Perfect” at the Irvine International Film Festival in California on Jan. 21. Billed as a “dark drama/ thriller,” and nominated as the Best Feature Film in the festival, it… Continue Reading

The Radiology Center’s open MRI keeps patients free from claustrophobia

  LYNDHURST —  Your GP gives you the dreaded news: You’re going to need an MRI. Instantly, fear sets in. The thought of being inside that machine, with that intolerable pounding noise — and the close quarters — is enough to drive anyone who is claustrophobic mad. But at The… Continue Reading

Kearny wrestling team makes strides toward respectability

The Kearny High School wrestling team is certainly going through some growing pains. “We have a young team,” said assistant coach Brian McDonnell, who has been helping head coach Tony Carratura run the program. “We have some kids who have been with us since the (Kearny) Recreation days, but we’re… Continue Reading

NA boys’ basketball team: 10 wins, eight in a row

When the high school basketball season began last month, North Arlington boys’ head coach Rich Corsetto didn’t know what the future had in store for the Vikings. Corsetto, a coaching lifer who is in his third season with the Vikings, knew that he had some of the ingredients into making a good… Continue Reading