‘Big Dog’ left lasting impression on all who knew him

Photo courtesy of Reilly’s Pub Jonathan ‘Big Dog’ Chundak.


By Anthony J. Machcinski

‘The Big Dog is Closed” reads the sign on the door of Collectors’ Dreams at the intersection of Kearny and Midland Aves. Unfortunately for everyone in the community, The Big Dog won’t be reopening.
On June 10, Kearny lost Jonathan ‘Big Dog’ Chundak at the age of 63. Chundak owned both Collectors’ Dreams and Kearny Rare Coins and Collectables and had been a part of the Kearny community for the past 23 years. While known for his stores, Chundak also worked for The Observer as a columnist for several years.
During those 23 years in town, Chundak had a lasting effect on many people.
“I’ve known John for 17 years,” said Jean from the Kearny Coffee Shop. “He was always talking to people and had his opinions, but never forced those opinions on anyone.”


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