Possible Scam Warning
To all readers seeking a new place to live:

The Observer works to ensure the accuracy of all of its classified ads, especially for apartment rentals, rooms for rents and homes for sale. However, because our classifieds are posted online, there have been occasions where outsiders — scammers — have taken the information landlords provide and have turned that information around to scam potential clients. This, unfortunately, though rare, can cost people a lot of money. Often, the will ask apartments seekers to wire money — before even seeing the place — via Zelle, PayPal, CashApp, Bitcoin machines or other money-transfer programs. If a “landlord” will not allow you to see an apartment before you send a deposit, chances are good it’s a scam. Why? Because they do not have keys nor the ability to show the apartments to a client because it’s not theirs in the first place. Please use caution whenever seeking a new place to live — and if you believe you’ve been a victim or a potential victim to a rental scam, immediately contact your local police department.