Business Review: Mid-Realty looks to give back to Kearny



By Anthony J. Machcinski

Observer Correspondent

In 1997, Jarlynn Hyde took over Mid-Realty in Kearny with a focus on not just creating a successful business, but taking the lead in giving back to the community.

Seventeen years later, she has accomplished that goal – a goal that she continues to build on every year.

“I believe in donating our time to the community,” Hyde said. “We donate to charity, whether it’s Project Graduation or local soup kitchens. We believe in giving back to the community.”

Hyde thinks in a personal “pay it forward” lifestyle that has extended to her business and the 50 agents at Mid- Realty. Hyde believes that that lifestyle is one of the many reasons Mid-Realty has been able to stay together for so long.

“I do believe in the ‘pay it forward’ way of life,” Hyde explained. “I believe in that and that’s why I think people do business with me.”

Hyde continued, “We get a lot of compliments to the agents that work in my office. (Customers) really do stay here because of that. It’s just a different way of doing business.”

Hyde got her start in the real estate business when she became a realtor in 1992, believing that this was the one thing she was meant to do.

“There was never a time that I felt it wasn’t for me,” Hyde explained. “I always knew it was something I should be doing. I really felt that I had found my niche.”

Hyde’s passion for the business only grew with time, and her belief in helping others extended into the business.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for other people,” Hyde said, adding that her office has realtors who work in “all walks of life.”

Hyde said that several of her agents have been known to forgo their commissions to help a family in need.



“We’ve helped people that were burned out of their homes and moved them into apartments,” Hyde said. “An agent came in and said they’re helping someone. They said, ‘I need to help these people, can we waive our commissions?’ and we do it.”

Hyde also feels that her business has been aided by staying ahead of the latest technology trends.

“I have realtors that work throughout the state and I do it without having multiple offices,” Hyde said. “It’s a virtual office, everything is done electronically.”

With agents throughout the state, but one central office on Kearny Ave., Hyde said that people moving from different parts of the state have the comfort of working through one agency.

“(Customers) get the comfort of working with one office,” Hyde said. “It gives the customer the ability to list a property up north and move south, and vice versa.”

Hyde said the idea for an electronic office came within the last 10 years, after attending national realtor conventions.

“I discovered it there and that’s the way (the business) was going,” Hyde explained. “I knew that technology was going to be a large factor in the industry and I wanted to make sure I was ahead of the curve.”

Hyde said that her hope is to continue doing business in the community and continue to be a leader in giving back.

“I don’t have to be number one, I’m quite happy,” Hyde said. “I have about 50 agents throughout the state and we all have the same code, and that’s not just thinking of the bottom line. We want to help people move on to what they want and know that they dealt with our office.”

Mid-Realty is located at 572 Kearny Ave., Kearny, near Lincoln School. For more information on Mid-Realty, visit its website at or call 201-992-5719.

The Observer Staff