Singin’ in the rain & other KPD news

By Karen Zautyk

Maybe it was a “back to the ’60s” thing.
At 11:30 p.m. Aug. 13, Police Officers Frank West and Luis Moran found a blue Volkswagen convertible stopped in the intersection of Bergen and Davis Aves.
Not at the intersection, but in it.
The engine was running, the top was down (despite the fact that it was raining), the radio was blasting, and the driver, reclining in the front seat, was sound asleep.
After shutting off the engine, the cops made several attempts to wake the man, who eventually began to show signs of life. Police Chief John Dowie said the individual insisted he was “okay,” that he was just sleeping and he would not drive. (Was his intention to just abandon the VW in the intersection?)
In any case, he grabbed his guitar from the passenger seat and exited the vehicle. And then promptly fell to his knees in the street. (Was his intention to give an impromptu Jimi Hendrix concert?)
Not surprisingly, police said he failed the field sobriety tests.

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