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To the Publisher:
Although Nutley was spared devastating effects from Hurricane Irene, we did experience flooding, downed trees and poles resulting in water and sewer issues and loss of power. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the emergency responders:  police, fire and emergency rescue squad who worked tirelessly through the storm to protect and insure the safety of our residents.
For days after the storm, Nutley firefighters pumped water from basements and performed countless safety checks on homes with gas leaks and extinguished pilot lights.  Police patrolled the streets to report unsafe conditions and provided aid to residents in need. The rescue squad responded to many stress-related calls. And despite working many extra hours helping our residents, policemen, firemen and rescue workers  provided help to our neighboring towns who needed assistance –  especially Fairfield, Little Falls and Wayne. I could not be prouder of them all.
Our department was also fortunate to work hand-in-hand with other departments including Public Works, Parks And Recreation, Public Affairs and Revenue and Finance’s code enforcement to provide the fastest and most efficient clean-up possible.  And a special thank you to PSE&G, which worked day and night restoring the power to our residents.
Watching the town come together – emergency personnel, township departments and residents who so readily helped their neighbors, especially the seniors –  makes Nutley stand out.
As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Our employees  and our residents proved that once again. Thank you all once again. Job well done!

Alphonse Petracco
Department of Public Safety

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