DiCosmo’s Pizzeria in Harrison offers encouragement to youth 

At a time when the recession has hit families and businesses in our area, one business looks to help give encouragement to local youth.
Rocco Truliano and Peter Kozanitis, owners of The Original DiCosmo’s at 701 Frank E. Rodgers Blvd in Harrison, have created an incentive for children to do well in school.
“If students get 100 on their test, they can come in and have a dinner for free after showing the test score,” explained Truliano.
The idea for this promotion came 15 years ago when Truliano was an owner of other shops. Truliano, who speaks Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, hopes that the promotion will give hope to the youth in the community.
“I’ve been doing it for the last 15 years in other places, and it helps the kids by giving them encouragement to do something in school,” Truliano said. “It’s trying to help children do well in school and keeping them off the streets and from getting in trouble with the police.”

— Anthony J. Machcinski

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