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Horoscope for 2012

CAPRICORN: This is going to be a memorable year for all members of this sign. Finances will improve and income will grow around the fi rst full-moon eclipse. This is also a good year to plan for marriage, kids and/or investing in property. Love life is steady and friends are supportive.

AQUARIUS: This is the year when all your hard work will finally start yielding results. Finances will improve in the fi rst quarter of this year. Consult elders and family members before making any big decisions around Sept.-Oct. of this year. Travel is in the cards. Love life is fulfilling and steady.

PISCES: Prepare for some sudden expenses this year. Do not invest in any joint ventures/partnerships. Watch your health and keep your appointments with the doctor. Travel is in the cards. This year is good for those who are single and looking for love.

TAURUS: This is your time to shine in the limelight. You will be appreciated at work and will be loved by your family. Friends will come to you for advice. Those thinking of investing should do so around the first eclipse of this year. Travel is in the cards this year. Love life will remain steady and exciting.

GEMINI: Your social status and career is once again on a rising path in 2012. You will be assisted by luck throughout the year. Health needs attention, do not ignore any minor symptoms and be sure to keep your doctor’s appointments. There can be reasons for little financial worries, especially after May of this year, so think before making any big decisions.

CANCER: You will see your importance grow and your opinion valued. There could be hurdles in your way, but you’ll taste success by overcoming these. A positive stroke of luck is coming your way around June of this year. It’s a good time for investments. Love life needs attention; spend some quality time with your loved one.

LEO: You need to be careful about making unnecessary expenses. Invest money only after much thought. In family matters, try to be more flexible and understanding. This year will prove to be lucky for those in romantic relationships.

VIRGO: The first half of the year is going to be particularly good for you. Career will continue to grow and there are possibilities for promotions. However, your dominating nature may cause trouble in family matters. Try not to be hurtful with your comments.

LIBRA: This year will usher in significant changes. Your professional life will show great dynamism and you will attain new heights in your career. New business ventures look favorable. Avoid unnecessary expenses.

SCORPIO: There could be some obstacles in your path to prosperity and success during the first half of the year, but you’ll be able to overcome them with flying colors. Watch out for troubles in your love relationships during the last quarter of this year. Be tactful.

SAGITTARIUS: You will be at your creative best and see your efforts rewarded. Income will grow and so will your social circle. Network for better growth opportunities, even migration to another country. Your friendship with someone close has the potential to grow into love.

ARIES: This year may start slow for you but it will get exciting from May onwards. Travelling and family gatherings look favorable. You are somewhat accident-prone this year so watch where you go. Tensions may rise in marital relationships. Think before you act.


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