The Perfect Balance

There is one blessing most us take for granted almost all the time and that is breathing. And if we do think about it then it is primarily because we are having difficulty with it. To breathe right means we are allowing our mind and body to grow, to rejuvenate, and to be healthy. Any form of activity or exercise can help you achieve the right balance in life. But there is one form of exercise that is both physically and spiritually rewarding. Yoga, The age-old practice of maintaining a given posture while taking deep, deliberate breaths, helps in cultivating patience, alertness, and energy.  It also keeps the body fit and refreshes the mind. The ancient science of Yoga is an ever-evolving activity that offers innumerable forms and different types of practices to suit every need.

The most important element of Yoga is its meditation. The word “Om” is very common in yogic meditation. Its loose translation is, “the light within me which enlightens my world salutes the light within you.” While chanting this mantra it is equally important to shut your eyes, relax your nerves, breathe right and let go of your worries. This will elevate you above your stresses and bring you mind, body and soul in perfect balance to work harmoniously with each other.

Science has seconded the opinion of the saints and masters who maintain that meditation benefits a person physiologically, psychologically and spiritually – thereby enriching one’s life with the power and knowledge to think clearly and act accordingly.

In India, Yoga is taught to school children from a very early age, because it is believed that this practice promotes flexibility of mind and body through signature body positions, breath and focus of intention – all of which are important in living a balanced life. So whether you are young or old, a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer, I urge you to embrace this process of transformation as you blossom into the best expression of your own self.



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