Dear Publisher,

I took the trip to New Hope on Wednesday and followed the guidelines set forth in the article. What a great trip I had in New Hope. I watched the people walking around while having lunch, did some shopping in the candle shop and sat by the river and the canal. I found the railroad and went on to Lahaska for dinner and looked at unique shops. It was a very interesting trip. I went on a weekday and was told the town is normally busier on the weekends. I will go again to ride the train and ride on the river. I just wanted to express my thoughts on this and to ask if this will be a weekly feature of this paper. What an exciting time I had. It was just great to travel someplace and not have to break the bank.

I am sure there are other places to visit in this great state. Here is hoping that this will be a weekly feature in The Observer and I am looking forward to going on more trips on one tank of gas.

Thank You,

Alexander J. MacDonald


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