Then & Now

Photo by Karen Zautyk
Photo by Karen Zautyk


What you are looking at ‘Then’ is a photo taken at the 1921 Kearny High School cornerstone laying ceremony, which, considering all the bunting and banners, was quite a do. Look also at the height of that grandstand, which is holding not only the stone itself (on the right behind the long poles) but lots of people, including a whole passel of top-hatted men. The gentleman in the center of the speakers’ stand we presume to be Kearny Mayor Robert E. Torrance, who presided at the program.’Now’ the school is only partially visible from the Devon St. viewpoint, abutted as it is by a bunch of trailers. These house temporary classrooms, necessitated by an ongoing construction/sound proofing project. The trailers have been there for awhile and will likely remain indefinitely, since there is no projected completion date for the work. (There have been difficulties.) We tried to find the cornerstone, but we didn’t know which side of the facade it was on, and we didn’t want to get arrested for trespassing in the trailer park.

– Karen Zautyk 

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