Remembering Our Vets

This weekend we will share in the festivities of Memorial Day, it also marks the beginning of summer.  It’s a sacred day to all war veterans; time to honor those Americans who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  While the holiday is a three-day weekend for many workers throughout the country, it should be a time for remembrance and not taking liberties.

What are we remembering? We remember the loss of soldiers, a sense of loss that takes a new form these days. America is commemorating those who made and are making the greatest sacrifice possible, giving one’s own life selflessly.

By honoring the nation’s war dead, we preserve their memory, the service and sacrifice of men and women of all walks of life for the love and loyalty to their country. This weekend friends and families in New Jersey go down to the Jersey shore, head to the country or have barbeques. It is important to have fun,but don’t drink and drive. Getting behind the wheel could be harmful to you or another individual, causing loss of life. And remember Click it or Ticket. Be safe and remember our brave. Thank you to all our veterans and our soldiers at war. We remember them and thank those who have been fighting for our freedom.

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