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Suzanne Lavigne Suzanne is a renowned holistic psychic, life coach, relationship expert. What is unique is that she combines intuitive logic along with holistic clairvoyance. Suzanne is an internationally known clairvoyant, astrologer and and does intuitive readings. She is the 3rd generation of clairvoyant. She has been featured on television shows, radio and on magazines. Email Suzanne any of your questions and read her reply in our next installment of stars in the skies.

Horoscope for  June 2011
What will happen to you this month? Will you be meeting interesting people, or evolve professionally? Both social and sentimental – Suzanne tells you all…!

Aries (March 21st – April 21st)
Sentimental: Aries born before April 4th…Open your eyes to  a surprise encounter uncovering new horizons. During the second half of the month there is a need to communicate your feelings. Don’t keep anything inside, express your true feelings and smile warmly. Show sincerity through your desires to please your partner.
Social: Jupiter is on your side and will be spoiling Aries.  Money and finance will not pose any problem for you. Don’t rush anything. Time will tick in your favour.

Taurus (April 22nd – May 22nd)
Sentimental: Love will embrace you! Your relationships will fall into place with beautiful emotional encounters heading your way. In fact you are getting used to enjoying the beautiful side of life.

Social: A round of applause for Taurus born between April 20 & 27! As early as June 4, Jupiter will return to spoil Taurus after 12 years! Angelic protection for a full twelve months allied with Neptune is a means for success. Chance with a capital “C”. Glory for some with benefits in all sectors.

Gemini (May 22nd – June 21st)
Sentimental: Through this period you will experience a contrasting time in your love life. Experiencing beautifully pleasant encounters and emotional moments, you will react well and know to take advantage of the transitory difficulties.
Social: Your astral chart isn’t influenced this month by any important planet. This means that your professional life will probably not be marked by incredible luck or particular difficulties. Those of you who had to cope with changes in your business will see the situation stabilize.

Cancer (June 22nd – July 21st)
Sentimental : Within your personal life everything will be fantastic. You will act radiantly and be appreciated. Enjoy life to the max during this beneficial period. Letting go of the past would be a great idea.
Social : Overall, celestial influx will be favorable to your work. But you can experience changes that will take you by surprise. If this is the case, keep your cool and don’t worry. These changes will be positive for you in the long run. Remember to move forward with confidence.

Leo (July 22nd – August 21st)
Sentimental: One word for this month….Magical! You will be on center stage while friends and love partners listen to your needs and expectations. There could be a moment where a woman may be annoying, but you won’t have a problem settling the issue.

Social: Your work will be both harder and challenging for you. You won’t have time to take a break or get comfortable with self success as much as you would like. But if you encounter challenges with confidence, you will have the opportunity to make significant progress.

Virgo (August 22nd – September 21st)
Sentimental :If you are born between the 22nd and 28th the inspiration of Neptune doubles with the support of Jupiter. A moment so rare and precious. Harness your love life for the end of the year whle still going out and enjoying yourself.
Social: You will enjoy the support of Jupiter to consolidate your professional situation. This will not be the time to innovate or take risks. Towards the middle of the month the moon will help you see clearer and you will find it easy to make the right choices.

Libra (September 22nd – October 21st )
Sentimental: As of June 2nd, the planet of Mercury will guide you through your adventures and travels. You envelop everything you need to boost your morale to make plans to travel to meet someone special.
Social: Pluto magnifies your ambition to trust in yourself. Beware because you may take too many risks. The results of your actions will be positive, even if you are surprised at first.

Scorpio (October 22nd –November 21st)
Sentimental: You’re on a roll especially if you were born in October. An exceptional period is being expected for you. Inspiration: ideal love, true luck, a dream time to get married (after July 7) The enviable effect is for the end of 2011.
Social: With the influence of Neptune luck will be on you side. Euphoria will overwhelm you. Many of you will get a salary increase which will be welcome. If you are self-employed you should also realize other important benefits this month.

Sagittarius ( November 22nd – December 21st )
Sentimental: Don’t stay home! Go out and make new friends. To objectify your vision isn’t the focus of this month. You must learn to adapt and take advantage of the strengh and luck of Uranus and Jupiter. As the saying goes, ‘after rain comes the sun’.
Social: Jupiter’s predominantly positive aspects will help you get what you want in your work. Your efforts, intellectual alertness, and even your kindness will help you move forward. Just simply avoid taking sides in a conflict in your workplace.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 21st )
Sentimental: If you are born between the 22nd and 28th it’s not ideal time to make new encounters. It is mostly a time to forget the past and make new plans for the future. If you’re born after the 5th, there will be new vitality in your encounters..
Social: Under the influence of Saturn you can expect to consolidate some of your professional projects and see them take shape and form. Do not rush, everything might derail.

Aquarius ( January 22nd – February 21st)
Sentimental: There is a light at the end of every tunnel even if you do not see it yet. You can expect a lot of emotional support, love, and patience from your loved ones.
Social: The planet Mars being predominantly in your chart during this month brings you energy, dynamism, and productivity to your professional partnerships. Take the issues one by one and find a solution for each of them. This will allow you to clarify some situations.

Pisces : (February 22nd – March 21st)
Sentimental: Your motto this month is  “Home Sweet Home.” Your magnetism will be enhanced this month. You mind will be focused on decorating your home or looking for a new one.  This is a  really relaxed month before the summer.

Social: On the business end it is most dull. Problems of any kind are likely to form the backdrop of this month. Bear with it. Things will soon change in your favor.

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