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To the Publisher:
I’m writing in to try and understand the use of the “yield to pedestrian” signs that Kearny has placed on Kearny Ave., since no one pays them any heed.
Unfortunately in March, I was struck by a car on the corner of Liberty and Kearny Ave. while crossing in the crosswalk and a few weeks after that, from what I’ve heard, a meter reader was also struck out by the public library. Soon after the yield to pedestrian signs went up on non-traffic light corners. Now that’s all well and good but what’s the point if no one pays them any mind?
A month and a half ago I was crossing Kearny Ave. on the corner of Bergen Ave. when another vehicle making a left turn almost plowed into me again cause they’re not paying attention to pedestrians. Two weeks ago on the same corner of Liberty and Kearny Avenue a car full of young women also almost ran into me as I was crossing the street.
Now I’m starting to see a trend here. I wouldn’t be writing in to vent my frustration because I’ve learned to not take anything for granted while crossing the street in the pedestrian walkway because obviously most drivers aren’t yielding. However, this morning was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back with me on this issue.

AGAIN, at the same corner of Liberty St. and Kearny Ave., my wife and our two children were crossing in the crosswalk and we were almost hit by a car making a left turn. What’s it going to take? A CHILD to be hit and have a serious injury to make drivers take notice? Or maybe it doesn’t matter? It’s like “Death Race 2000” where you get points for hitting people? I think we need stronger policing and fines to make drivers understand it’s not OK to take their driving privileges for granted when they’re playing with people’s lives.

Joseph Rivera

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