You mean there’s a treatment for stupid?

At press time (the story changes hourly), latest news in the Anthony Weiner saga was that the New York congressman was taking a leave of absence to “go into treatment.”
For what?  It appears that the man’s primary problem is abject stupidity.
What individual in his position sends borderline (or more precisely below the border) porn shots and sext messages to complete strangers over the Internet –and presumes that no one is going to find out?
Absolutely nothing on the Net is secret. Someone can always find some way to get whatever info they want. And, as we have oft been told, cyberspace is forever. Nothing, once sent into it, ever completely disappears.
After word of the first photos surfaced, Weiner stood in front of the press and denied, denied, denied. Along with insulting certain members of the media. The arrogance was adolescent.
Then, after days of dissembling, he turned contrite and bared his soul (which appears to be even smaller than that part of his anatomy he also bared). Attractive, the man is not. Personally, I think it would be like making love to a plucked chicken. (Not that I speak from experience.)
There is no accounting for taste, but how this creature managed to win an elegant-looking wife is beyond me. And then in the middle of the public debacle, someone from the Weiner camp leaks the fact that Mrs. W. is “in the early stages of pregnancy.”
The point of letting the public know this is what, exactly? To garner sympathy for the daddy? If that was the reason, that’s almost as sleazy as the sexting and the photos.
A recent poll shows that 56% of Weiner’s constituents do not want him to resign, despite clarion calls from the leaders of his own party. The reasons given run along a similar theme: that his private life has nothing to do with his public life. Excuse me?
Not even when his private life is interfering with his ability to conduct his public life? Or when his private life speaks of 1) some deep-seated emotional problem or 2) overweening narcissism and ego, or 3) indicates that he has the intellect of a sea slug?
There are those who consider Anthony Weiner to be brilliant, who thought him the street-savvy attack dog of the Democratic House.
I’m leaning toward sea slug.

— Karen Zautyk

P.S. My apologies to sea slugs.

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