A lucky escape from carjackers

This past Sunday, at 2:39 p.m., a Belleville man and his infant son had a close encounter with a suspected carjacker who apparently thought better of the crime when he saw the baby.
Nutley Det. Anthony Montanari said the Belleville resident  was parked outside a laundry at Franklin Ave. and Harrison St. and was tending to his son in the rear seat of his new Jeep.
He had left the driver door wide open and the engine running.
Montanari  said  a dark-colored or grey Nissan Altima pulled over on Harrison St., and a tall, thin, black man with dreadlocks, wearing shorts and a white T-shirt jumped in the Jeep’s front seat.
When he saw father and baby in the rear, he appeared startled, jumped out and reentered  the Altima, which was being driven by another man.
The near-victim told police that the Altima did not have a license plate and he was unsure if there was a temporary registration in the rear window.

– Karen Zautyk

To read the full story, see this week’s issue of The Observer.

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