Cameras will focus on south end of town

Photo by Lt. Ed Markowski, HPD/Cameras atop traffic signals outside Red Bull Arena.


By Ron Leir

Township residents who are still reeling from the impact of last week’s triple homicide may be taking some comfort from a different kind of security-related development.
Police are in the process of putting in place an expanded section of an eye-in-the-sky remote surveillance system that will watch for any bad stuff that may be happening around the south end of town – the focus of local redevelopment.
The first phase involved the placement of eight closed-circuit TV cameras on traffic signal poles at intersections in the central business district along Frank Rodgers Blvd. and Harrison Ave. in June 2010.
Now, says Police Lt. Ed Markowski, the department’s technology adviser, “we’re about to wrap up Phase 2 – we should be completed by the end of August.”
All told, there will be 15 cameras mounted along Frank Rodgers Boulevard South: one each at the intersections of Jersey, Warren, Sussex  and Bergen Sts.; two apiece at Guyon Drive, Riverbend Drive and Cape May St.; and five that will scan the perimeter of the Red Bull Arena.

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