To the Publisher:
I would like to offer some advice to and information for the families of veterans to ensure that they get a proper military funeral for their loved one.
The first thing to remember is that it is the responsibility of the family to provide the proper documentation. Be prepared to have proof that the individual was in the service: a copy of discharge papers or Form DD 214.
Without one of these documents, the funeral director’s hands are tied.
Do not wait until your loved one is deceased. Find the paperwork now and put it in a safe place so you will have it ready when a funeral must be planned.
If you want a military honor guard at the gravesite, the funeral director must be notified, and there must be sufficient application time (at least 48 hours) and the proof of military service.
Also be aware of what military organizations, if any, the person belongs to.
State that you want to contact a military group to present honors at the wake. Keep in mind that the deceased person must be a current paid-up member of said group.

John Deveney
American Legion Post 139

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