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To the Publisher:
Sept. 11 reminds all firefighters of the loss of 343 members of the brotherhood of firefighting. A small example of the family of the fire department brotherhood is shown in just the small town of Belleville.
They are brothers: James, Charles and Thomas Murphy; George and Mike Sebarra, Ralph and Carman Castalano, Tom and Joe Lamin, George and Harry Scott, Robert and John Willie, and Stanley and Andrew Depczek.
Fathers and sons:  John and John Baldwin, Joseph Sr., Tom and Joe Lamin Jr., Robert Sr., John and Robert Willie Jr., Joseph and Mike Cancellire, Ralph Sr. and Ralph Castellano, Patrick and Patrick Dunn Jr., William and William Hand, Mike and Tom Sebarra, John and James Zaccone, William and Timothy Buckley, Joseph and Frank Thalhimer, and Mike and Ed Carr, Ken and Scott Langlands.
Grandfathers and grandsons: Walter and Walter Bersford, and  James and James Salmon.
And last, my family: Grandfather Harvy Ziggler, great uncle Mike Carr, Uncle Ed Carr, and myself Firefighter Vincent Abbott.
All were and are a family and brotherhood protecting and serving Belleville. This is just a small sample of how firefighting is in the blood.

Vincent Abbott
Retired firefighter

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