Hello, Fall



By Lisa Pezzolla

You could have fooled me that summer was over.
This past weekend we hit record breaking temperatures.
Everywhere you turned people were walking around enjoying the outdoor cafes, hitting the open road in motorcycles and cars with sun roofs down as they enjoyed a drive.
But the truth is, it is October!
Yes, leaves are slowly falling and the temperature will soon change right before our
And Oct. 31 is Halloween. As a kid, my friends and I couldn’t wait to go out trick
or treating; we would walk for hours and keep filling our bags, go home to empty them
and start again. That was the ironic part. I didn’t eat chocolate and couldn’t care
less about candy. It was just fun walking with my friends in our costumes and thinking we scared everyone.
In our Oct. 26 edition, we will be hiding pumpkins in our advertisers’ ads so look
for further details in our Oct. 19 edition for the prize. It’s a great time to advertise!
Also, if you or a neighbor have decorated your house and want to show it off, send
a photo to entertainment@theobserver.com and we will post it on our website.
Remember, be safe and don’t let the goblins get you.

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