Bloomfield police blotter

October 31
Lennet Gill of Bloomfield was arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

November 1
A victim reported that her Toyota van had been broken while it was parked on Linden
Ave. Missing items included a smart phone, Mac Book laptop computer, Asus I Pad
transformer tablet, and a black carry-on bag.
A Clinton St. resident stated that her home was broken into while vacant during the recent power outage. Jewelry and electronic items were taken.

November 2
An attendant at a Bloomfield Ave. gas station reported pumping $12 worth of gasoline into a customer’s vehicle. The driver then took off without paying.

A resident reported that the rear passenger window of her vehicle was smashed while
parked on Ampere Parkway.

November 3
A resident reported a box of jewelry stolen from her Belleville Ave. residence.

A resident reported the theft of a laptop computer from her Beardsley Ave. home and added that she knows the perpetrator personally.

A Berkley Ave. resident stated that someone broke into her vehicle and took $6 and a bag of groceries.

A victim reported that his vehicle was broken into while parked on Belleville Ave. A tool belt and two drills were taken.

A Franklin St. resident reported that someone slashed her rear tire and scratched the
hood of her vehicle.

A white 1993 Honda fourdoor was reported stolen from LaFrance Ave.

A green 1997 Honda Civic four-door was reported from Franklin St.

November 4
A victim reported leaving her Liberty St. residence at 12:30 and returning home at 2 p.m. She stated that upon returning, she noticed a front window had been opened. A
Wii play station with 4 controllers, a Dell laptop computer, and a diamond ring were missing.

A Vernon Terrace resident states that an unknown person painted the word “CIRUE” on her fence.

November 6
A Bloomfield Ave. resident reported that her car windshield was smashed while the vehicle was parked in her driveway.

A black 2007 Cadillac was stolen while parked on Montgomery St.

November 7
A victim reports that three males approached him as he was exiting his parked on N.
17th St. One male, described by the victim as tall and thin, pointed a handgun in his face and demanded his wallet, a set of keys, and a gold chain from his neck. At that point, the three men entered the victim’s vehicle with the two other men. The trio drove the carjacked vehicle into East Orange where a chase ensued. The suspects were subsequently captured by EOPD, and all of the stolen articles were recovered.

If you have information on any of the events posted in this blotter please contact the
Bloomfield Police Information Desk: 973-680-4100


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