Keeping Tradition for Thanksgiving


By Anthony J. Machcinski

It wasn’t too long ago that Thanksgiving was a meaningful holiday where families would get together for a big dinner. Now, for many people, Thanksgiving is just another day in the run-up to Christmas.
Thanksgiving used to be about preparing food days before, with family coming in a few days early, and football games enjoyed with friends who just came back from school. Now even the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade seems a lot less hyped than in past years.
Where is the tradition? When did Thanksgiving go from a day to remember everything to be thankful for, to becoming an excuse for a day off and another Facebook status?
With the assumption that time is at a premium this holiday season, we at the Observer put together a few simple Thanksgiving recipes. These recipes make it quick and easy to prepare a meaningful holiday meal for your loved ones, while not requiring exceptional skills (for those of us who lack talent in the kitchen, myself included).
While these recipes will help you put a meal together, they alone will not bring back the meaning and tradition of the holiday. Its understandable that there is a lot to be negative about this Thanksgiving, with jobs and money harder to find than Waldo, but we should be appreciative of what we do have, whether it’s our children, our health, a roof over our heads, or just being able to spend time with our families. In the end, this is what Thanksgiving is all about.

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