Message for the soul


Some people are negative and see only the down side to every situation. They not only ruin their own lives by inviting in the bad, but they also suck good energy out of those around them. There is something cold and eerie about such people and the one gift you can give yourself is to stay away from such bad vibrations. You must strive to create an impenetrable wall around your thoughts and actions. It may seem difficult at first, but with practice anyone can do it.
Personally, I wake up each morning and pray to the light of the universe, the sun god, to bless me with its power, glory and warmth. I ask that it drive out the cobwebs of pain from my heart and to help renew my spirit to conquer the day. Letting go of false pretenses, half-hearted promises and broken relationships is the first step in this process.
Live for yourself and not as a by-product of others lives. Feel the energy and perform your best in every act. In India, we believe that every precious stone holds in itself a unique power that is absorbed by the one who wears it correctly – like my favorite Blue Sapphire ring. Its dark blue hues inspire and encourage me to let go of my insecurities and safeguard my intentions from the ill wishes of others. I believe it helps me excel at my work and achieve my targets on a daily basis.
Find your own good luck charm, something that is a constant reminder of who you are, and what you should be doing. Then, let go of the unnecessary and live a brand new life. Yours!

Shweta Punjabi is a motivational speaker who believes in alternative healing. You can visit her website for more information.


About the author…

Shweta Punjabi’s credits are as numerous as they are varied. In addition to her skills as a renowned Tarot Card reader, Punjabi has also prepared daily horoscopes for Mid-Day, DNA, and Yuva newspapers, and Seventeen India magazine. Punjabi has also functioned as a television host for Walt Disney Television, India.
Ms. Punjabi’s offerings will include horoscope and dream interpretation, principles of numerology and color therapy, in short just about anything and everything that currently carries an “alternative” tag.

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