A message for the soul: Show that you care

Perhaps the quality most responsible for success is humility.
A caring word and a warm smile can go a long way in developing new relationships
and enhancing the ones we already have. Pride, on the other hand, can destroy
all that we have built over the years and leave us feeling lonely. It is in our hands to control our moods.
We must learn to rise above our problems and tame our temptation to unleash
our anger upon others. It is important to pause for a moment and think before we act.
We all lead stressful lives but it is the art of handling this pressure that distinguishes
a sage from others more ordinary. We must strive to be more patient with our own frustrations.
This is when we need to tell ourselves to calm down and reflect on our actions.
It is believed that meditation helps in clearing our thoughts. Inhaling therapeutic vapors can also be helpful to the human psyche. Ginger scent can help one deal with feelings of loneliness, whereas sandalwood has been known to combat fear and confidence issues, and to improve selfesteem.
There is a solution to every problem; all it takes is some effort and perseverance
to survive the storm while looking forward to a brand new day.
Today, I encourage you to start afresh. Bring your mind, body and soul together. Try to be nice to others and to do a good deed selflessly. This act will heal you. It will help you
deal with your own insecurities.
Few people make their dreams come true, yet each new day gives you a chance to do just that. Be the person you have always wanted to be. Don’t let your anger, pride or ego deter you from your goals. You have it inside you to nurture your business and personal relationships. Doing so will not only help you gain respect among your peers,
but will establish your credibility within society. It is all within reach if you are willing
to give yourself another chance at living the life you have always imagined for



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Shweta Punjabi’s credits are as numerous as they are varied. In addition to her skills as a renowned Tarot Card reader, Punjabi has also prepared daily horoscopes for Mid-Day, DNA, and Yuva newspapers, and Seventeen India magazine.
Punjabi has also functioned as a television host for Walt Disney Television, India.
Ms. Punjabi’s offerings will include horoscope and dream interpretation, principles of numerology and color therapy: in short just about anything and everything that currently carries an “alternative” tag.

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