Look Who’s Talking

Have you ever experienced a voice from within that tells you to do things in a certain way or that warns you about stuff you shouldn’t get involved in? Do you at times get a hunch or a flash of insight that enables you to see a situation in a totally different light than before? That feeling you get is your intuition. It is an alternative source of knowledge combined with a heightened level of awareness, which may also be referred to as a “gut feeling” or instinct.
Everyone has intuition. In some it’s more developed than others. It is your connection to the subconscious mind. Many successful men and women mention in their biographies that the decisions that changed their life and made them who they are were the decisions they took based on their gut feeling at that time. Intuition is a powerful tool and when you begin to use it regularly and systematically, there is virtually nothing that you cannot accomplish.
Listen to your dreams and hear what your heart wishes. It is important to have a clean soul to allow your conscious self to talk to you. One way to encourage this is through meditation. Make an appointment with yourself and spend a few minutes alone. Love yourself. Accept the person that you are. Resolve all conflicts that are brewing inside you. Then think of the situation you are in and ask for a solution. Sometimes the answer you get may sound irrational but don’t discard it just yet. Think about it and make an informed decision. Think of intuition as a guide that is familiar with the path ahead and can warn you of upcoming pitfalls. But once you are convinced of what is right, simply do it. Don’t think twice. Go with that gut instinct and you will be surprised how often it opens doors you hadn’t necessarily considered. Every time you choose to listen to your inner voice, it gets stronger. You can also attain this with Chakra healing. When your energy centers are in complete balance, you open yourself up to the universe.
When you believe in yourself, and all good things around you, the cosmic powers will feed your desires. Hence, I encourage you to listen to yourself for once. You are your own destiny maker. Go with that gut feeling and live a good life. You won’t regret it!


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