To the Publisher:

Just read Senator Lesniak’s letter in The Record calling their opinion opposing Internet gambling “dumb.” What is really dumb is his position to allow Internet gaming that will reap billions of dollars for its casino businesses. These billions of dollars will come from desperate residents who are struggling to pay their bills and are turning to the false hope that they will strike it rich in the gambling world.

Gambling has not rescued New Jersey from its position as the highest taxed state in the nation. Neither has the sales tax or the lottery. These programs were simply scams to raise more revenue for the most dangerous “gang” in New Jersey – the Trenton “Gang of 120.”

Allowing people to gamble in the privacy of their home will increase gambling addiction and destroy lives. It’s more difficult to find the time to board a bus or drive to a casino than to simply turn on the computer in your pajamas at any time.

Senator Lesniak should explain why, after three decades of casino gambling that provided billions in new revenue, is Atlantic City still a depressed area. Does “dumb” apply to many of the decisions made by our elected officials on the state and local levels? History is the judge and the decision is GUILTY!

Vincent J. Frantantoni



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