5 facing drug charges: LPD

LPD From l.: Abdoul Kane, Abdullah Alquarashi, Abdulhakem Alghanmi, Mazen Binsaadallah and Serigne Pene.
From l.: Abdoul Kane, Abdullah Alquarashi, Abdulhakem Alghanmi, Mazen Binsaadallah and Serigne Pene.


On Dec. 30, Lyndhurst PD busted two township residents and one New Yorker on drug charges in the parking lot of 601 Riverside Ave.

Just one week later, the LPD said, the same three individuals were picked up again, this time in the company of two out-of-towners, also for drug offenses, on Riverside near Page Ave.

In the first incident, according to LPD Det. Capt. John Valente, officers were sent to 601 Riverside, at 11:35 a.m., to check on a vehicle occupied by driver Mazen Binsaadallah, 20, of that address; and passengers Abdoul Kane, 23, of Harlem, N.Y., and Abdulhakem Alghanmi, 22, also of 601 Riverside.

Upon approaching the driver, an officer immediately detected the odor of suspected raw marijuana coming from the vehicle, Valente said. In searching the vehicle, Valente said police found on the floor next to the passenger seat, a small bag of what was believed to be marijuana.

All three denied ownership of the package. All three were charged with possession of drugs.

In the second episode on Jan. 6, Valente said that police pulled over a vehicle, operated by Binsaadallah, with four passengers, at the Riverside/Page intersection, at 10:30 p.m., for a non-operating headlight and no inspection sticker.

Valente said Binsaadallah had only a driver’s license issued in Saudi Arabia but no other credential.

Valente said police detected a strong odor associated with both raw and burnt marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle, a search of which turned up plastic baggies containing 93 grams of suspected marijuana in addition to empty baggies.

Valente said that front seat passenger Serigne Pene, 25, of New York, reportedly had marijuana on him, as did, allegedly, back-seat passenger Abdoul Kane. The other passengers were identified as Abdulhakem Alghanmi and Abdullah Alqurashi, 22, of Indianapolis.

Police found $962 on Binsaadallah, $601 on Pene and $215 on Kane, Valente said.

All of the occupants were charged with possession of drugs over 50 grams, distribution of drugs and distribution of drugs in a school zone.

Kane was also charged with disorderly conduct for reportedly becoming loud and aggressive with police during the investigation. After officers had seized drugs reportedly found in his coat pocket, Kane pulled down his pants, exposing himself to show that he had no drugs concealed there, Valente said.

All five arrestees were remanded to the Bergen County Jail to await court proceedings, with each being held on $12,500 bail with no 10% cash option permitted.

– Ron Leir 

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