Make that connection

There are certain people you meet in life with whom you strike a chord almost immediately. It feels like you were destined to meet them. This happens mainly because they are like you on some levels and you see a part of yourself in their personality. Communication with them is effortless and time flies when you are with them. These relations may not necessarily involve emotions of love, but instead can also be of those that command respect, appreciation and true friendship. You would recognize these special bonds when you know you can communicate with that person without having to use a physical medium such as the phone or a computer. Your thoughts and your feelings are enough to telepathically connect with the person.

Telepathy is the communication of one mind with another using only the senses. It is the process of transferring thoughts using your energy. You may have experienced receiving a phone call at the very moment from someone you were just thinking about. Some may call it a coincidence but I believe that when you think about a person who you share such an intense rapport with, you are extending your energy in the universe to touch the person’s mind which enables them to think about you that very moment. The message you are sending across is comprised of your emotions, feelings, memories and opinions which convey the same to another mind ready to receive it. It does take practice to try and achieve success in communicating this way. But with a little effort you will know how exciting this can really be.

Animals use telepathy on a regular basis – so much so that we have programs where people are taught to communicate telepathically with animals and get them to behave in a desirable manner. Although primitive, it is interesting to know the possibilities of what this form of expression may do for all of us. The only requirement here is to surrender to the mystical ways of the universe. I ask you to keep an open mind, and flow with life believing in the beauty of nature that surrounds us. And if you received it well, I just sent out a message wishing you a great life ahead.


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