Tuning your internal recorder

A determined mind is the biggest asset of all. A mind that knows what to do and where to go cannot be stopped or deterred from its path. It is to be considered an asset. Not everyone is blessed with a personality and a mind to know and do always the right thing. However, the good news is that this is a skill which can be acquired with some effort and patience from your end. In many cultures, including India, it is believed that our body has an internal memory, which works similar to a recording machine. If you have ever tried waking up at a particular time without an alarm clock to aid you, then you probably know what I am talking about. For others, I recommend you try this little exercise at home. Tell yourself with a sincere heart that you would like to be up at a certain time the next morning or perhaps be reminded of something important later in the day. Shut your eyes, visualize yourself making a mental note, and you will be amazed at how your internal recorder remembers to perform as instructed by you. Once you have mastered this act of using your own abilities to maximize your gains, you can then start working towards more intense acts such as training your mind to think and act assertively even in matters that usually get your blood pressure to go sky-high. You can achieve this by simply instructing your mind to stay calm, weigh the options that you may have before you in any given situation and act in the most feasible manner. You need to train yourself to be clear in your thoughts. It is important to learn to compartmentalize emotions, people and situations, so that your reactions are not an outcome of a combination of these factors, but instead they must be so for their true purpose and nature. Once you are successful at this, you will realize that it is not such an effort after all. This training will come back naturally to you in subsequent acts. Always know that your body remembers everything. It understands and stores every performance as a memory, especially those which are appreciated and respected. You will see yourself living a better life when you clear all doubts and know what to do and that is reason enough for you to train yourself, and your mind to living a more peaceful life.


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