Message for the Soul: Value Your Relationships

How many of us are always running behind time? Even though we may wish to plan ahead and make time for everything that is on our mind, very few succeed in accomplishing all their tasks. As we continue to live in stressful times, we often tend to neglect delicate relationships. As much as we all hate to accept the fact that over a period of time we start taking our loved ones for granted; many will agree that it is true. We hear many wise men say that one must live their life as if it were their last day and even though we agree with that; not many of us are able to live by that principle and hence continue to hold grudges against people who shouldn’t matter. Instead we must appreciate the beauty in loving relationships and count our blessings for having them in our lives. Take time out to spend a quiet evening with your parents who probably sacrificed a lot for you, or bring some simple joys to your siblings and children by coming home in a nice mood and greeting them with a smile. It isn’t important to spend a fortune time and again to express how much you value those in your life, but just a good positive vibration exuberating from you is a gift enough. Put your thoughts into words. Don’t just assume your partner knows how much you love them; expressing it verbally occasionally will do no harm and in fact it will only help blossom the love you both share. I am sure this is common knowledge for everyone, but the reason I bring it up again is because even though we know it, not many of us apply it. I suggest you take a token of love; which can be anything that symbolizes love for you, such as a poster or a wall hanging and hang it in the most prominent and visible part of your home where you can see it every day as a reminder. Take a moment and hug someone. Comfort others when you see them in pain. A kind word, a helping hand and an encouraging word can go a long way in spreading happiness amongst people who we love dearly. They deserve it and you do too. You deserve to be nurtured, loved and respected. In the end all that really matters is how well you have lived your life. Remember, it is our family and friends that make our lives beautiful. So let’s hold these people close to our hearts now and forever.


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