Control your emotions

Troubles! Problems! Worries! Stress! If you think these emotions have become a part of your life, then you really need to sit back, pause and think about what matters to you the most. If this is work related, then you are probably carrying your burden home to your loved ones. Similarly, if you are having domestic problems, then your work and professional aspects will suffer.

It is best to compartmentalize your emotions and to help you do that I suggest a technique that has worked well for a lot of people including myself: Take any small plant of your choice and have it grow in a planter just outside the door to your home. I like to call it my “Problem Hanger.” Before you enter your house, be sure to leave your work issues and problems outside by touching a few leaves of your plant, thereby hanging all your worries onto them before you enter your place to be with family. Next morning, on your way out to work, touch the plant again to pickup your worries and you can work on them once you are at work.

This strategy may sound silly at first, but it does help in training your mind and yourself to keep your office problems away from your personal life. And there will be a few times where you may feel like you had too much on your mind when you chose to hang those worries onto your plant but the next morning, you may have fewer problems than the night before. This is because when the mind starts working, there is no end to the material it can keep creating, but when you choose to come back to a certain issue after some time has passed, you begin to look at it in another light and surprisingly it may not look as intense as it probably did before.

This is the beauty of time. It helps you deal with your situation. But the true art of living lies in the fact that one must learn to never let your emotions control you. You need to be constantly checking yourself. You should be the one holding the reins to control your emotions and not vice versa. This can be easily achieved with a little effort and mind training, but it is possible. Try it. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Trust your instincts. You can do it.


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