Message for the Soul: Ask and you shall receive

The world would be a better place if we could drop our inhibitions, release our ego, stop assuming and simply ask others what we need to know. There are millions of people out there who are probably going through the same emotions as you, having similar desires, people who have probably faced an equal or even a deeper sense of loss and you can now benefit from their knowledge and experiences only if you ask them how they survived it all. Information is quite frankly the key to all problems. Even if it is something you need, all you have to do is ask. Don’t assume that you will be refused. And even if you are, then ask if there is someone else who could provide you with the same information. This applies from the most basic and common things to most critical and important matters. So often I have seen men who won’t ask for directions simply because they think it is beneath them to ask others, but there is no harm in asking. It doesn’t make you any less of a person; in fact your pride and ego will probably pose bigger problems for you at a later date if you continue to feed them. And then there are others who shy away from asking about health remedies, discounts, salary increments, bonuses, holidays etc. If you don’t ask for it, chances are you will still receive it but at a much later date or never get it at all. Being able to ask for what you want, and to ask in an effective way — which increases your chances to get it — is a skill one must practice and learn well. It is important to be assertive and clear when you state facts to another. It is extremely hard to turn down an honest person. Even if people are unable to help you in a big way, they will surely try to provide as much information as they have to comfort you; and sometimes this is all you need. I recommend you take your chances. There is nothing to lose here, and only something to gain. Very recently, I met this man who was asking for donations for a flight ticket to Paris to re-unite with his family, and although he didn’t get too many donations, he did, however, benefit from the information that was given to him, that a certain senior citizen charitable organization had an on-going promotion to give well deserved members a chance to fly to a destination of their choice and this was just the help this man probably needed. He was surely set on the right path, and this was only made possible because he decided to ask. You may not always get what you ask for, but it is one step closer to what you really want. Don’t hesitate; just ask.

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