Message for the Soul: Choose dreams carefully; then go for it

The secret behind living a contented life can be summed up in two words; Dream and Dare. A dream is an experience of the mind while you are asleep. It can perhaps be influenced by the places you visit, pictures you see, the things you eat or the people you meet. Whatever it may be, if it is close to your heart then you should go after it. There are, however, certain conditions you must consider before pursuing your dreams, the first being values. Ask yourself if your dreams allow you to stick with the values you have lived your life by, or do they put you outside your comfort zone; and if they do, then how do you feel about extending a part of yourself to places that you have never been to before? Think and analyze your circumstances, and then decide on your goals. Once you have made a decision to move ahead, then will come the second stage of having faith. Believing in yourself that you will be able to survive the struggle and come out strong is probably going to be the toughest battle you will face on this journey. Prepare yourself by visualizing the obstacles you may face, and try to come up with ways to resolve them; this will help instill confidence in your own self and you will be better motivated to accomplish your set goals. Lastly, when it comes to the moment you are only an arm’s length away from realizing your dreams, you may lack the courage to actually finish what you started. This is when you need to dare yourself to take that final step forward to turn your dreams into reality– something that you have wanted all along. Some may argue that not all dreams are good for you, and I totally agree with that. It is important to first understand and distinguish between the dreams you want to chase and the ones you would rather discard. A dream catcher is believed to help you do this exact thing. Many believe that hanging a dream catcher over your bed helps you catch the dreams that you will benefit from. It then stands as a constant reminder for you to work towards them. They filter out the bad vibes and help you realize the most important ones. There are many ways to help you achieve the things you want, however nothing is ever going to be possible unless you put your heart and soul in it. So, I suggest give it another shot, dream on and you never know, this time you may actually make things happen for yourself. Good luck.


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