Embrace Your Loneliness

In today’s society there is a strong trend towards separation. Relationships are breaking, hearts are being broken and more and more people are permanently alone. Not everyone responds to loneliness in the same way. Some may feel happy being single where as a few feel unfortunate. There are also those who are unable to decide on any one side and oscillate between the two extreme ends. Also; it is important to recognize that there are those who may still feel lonely in spite of being in a relationship. Working towards inner happiness can benefit each of us. A human who does some soul searching, meditation and contemplation surfaces from the plateaus of doubt & insecurity as a new person. The ache of loss is difficult to bear and often the worst part is dealing with the fear that nothing else exists beyond that pain. Your entire life still exists. Loneliness can be beautiful if approached with a clear mindset. It provides you with an opportunity to search and connect with your true self. I recommend utilizing your time and core emotions to better use, perhaps through a hobby; and you will be surprised at how you have recovered in a short time. Don’t let loneliness depress you. Use it as a platform to grow. Learn how to move forward with enthusiasm. Force yourself away from the thoughts that bring back haunting memories. Meditate. The way of meditation allows all of our thoughts and feelings to come out. Just observe. Let your feelings be until they settle of their own accord. When you combine meditation with positive thinking, your tensions will resolve and inner happiness will show face. Take inspiration from the Sun; Its ever-bright light and its warm embrace. Surrender yourself to the universe and it will take good care of you. Loneliness is not to be shunned. This suffering will never end, however amidst everything happening in our life, we must choose to sail through it peacefully, gracefully and with all our might to slowly emerge as a wiser being; someone who is more at ease and at peace with our own self.


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